The brand Iren Klairie was established in 2007 in Kiev, Ukraine. Founder, mastermind and deisigner of the brand is Irena Klinkovskaya. The idea behind brand identity is to emphasize femininity and make woman the center of attention at any ocassion. Elegant, light and feminine silhouettes are created to complete bright and authentic looks. Any woman in a dresses by Iren Klairie feels stunningly beautiful regardless of status and wealth. Iren Klairi’s clothing give women an opportunity to look stylish and elegant with even very modest budget.

Our core audience are women between 20 and 50 years, who are very charismatic, proactive, ready to meet present day challenges. They live on a very high speed: move non-stop between office, business meetings, evening hangouts with friends and colleagues. A customer of Iren Klairi brand is young regardless of age, feminine and elegant, love to adorn herself and will always find a reason for a new beautiful dress. However, this wide age range, stylish silhouettes and a price per piece, we consider as main competitive advantages in the women's clothing segment.

Today, brand Iren Klairie is successfully being sold not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries, such as USA, Australia, Unaited Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, and the Baltic countries.