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The Ukrainian brand Iren Klairie is one of the leading clothing manufacturers in the country. Thanks to the excellent quality, original design and affordable prices, the brand’s clothing quickly gained popularity among women of all ages. On the distinctive features of the brand, success in the international market and further development, we talked with its founder Irena Klinkovskaya.

– By education you are a philologist of the Polish language and literature. Why did you decide to create your own clothing brand?

I started my career path from the profession of an interpreter in the Polish sales office. I was quickly noticed and invited to the position of project coordinator for the search for mutually beneficial cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian businessmen. After some time, I already headed a large company in Ukraine, which at that time was the leader in the production of clothing on the Polish market. In a very short period, I brought the sales of the company to a high level, after which I began to connect to the production and consult with me about the sketches of future collections. This experience has become the first and invaluable capital for creating your own brand.

– How did you start on the women’s clothing market?

I always had a passion for fashionable clothes. And I clearly knew that I would be able to create beautiful things. Therefore, despite the tempting offers of employers to continue cooperation, I decided to open my own business. The start was incredibly heavy. Firstly, these were crisis years 2007-2008, and secondly, there was practically no material choice in the country. Therefore, in order to emphasize my author’s style, I made a bet on labor-intensive models (protectors, flounces, accessories), and this meant a lot of complicated handwork. But, despite all the difficulties, I was sure that I would succeed. And I realized that I was moving in the right direction, when one of my friends said that I had seen a woman deputy of the Verkhovna Rada in my blouse.

– What is the peculiarity of the brand Iren Klairie?

I call the style of my items smart-business – they are suitable for the office, and for the party. This is clothing in which any woman in any situation will feel comfortable.

– In which countries is your product most in demand?

First of all, in Ukraine. Here is my main partner – the company, with which we began to cooperate in 2014. Then on a black Friday sales volume was astronomical figure. After that, I decided to enter the markets of other countries. Today my collections are sold in the USA, Australia, England, France, Germany, Poland, the Baltic States.

– Women of what age, profession, wealth become your clients?

These are modern active women from 20 to 50 years, who follow fashion trends. All of them are united by the desire to look stylish and effective without regard for a modest budget.

– Do you have favorite brands and designers?

There are a lot of them – Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Zuhair Murad. Of the new – Christian Siriano, Mary Katranzou.

– How can you describe your team?

My team is not very big, but solid. Key employees – the designer, cutters, technologists, master seamstresses, office managers – have been working with me since the first days of the company’s existence. They are professionals of the highest level. I consider it a great achievement that for so many difficult years I managed to preserve this team.

– And by what principle do you select personnel?

I was lucky, because my staff did not change much. The main values ​​and principles by which I build relationships in a team are decency, respect and trust.

– What is the main achievement of your brand in the market?

My clothes give a woman the opportunity to look spectacular, and for a reasonable price, and not only in Ukraine, but also in seven countries around the world. It is also important that we sell a ready-made high-quality product abroad, but not cut semi-finished products. I hope in the future it will help Ukraine get rid of the cliché “raw appendage”.

– How long does it take to create a collection?

Collections at us leave once in half a year, on the average it is 150 models, and if to add colors, about 230 articles. The creation takes about four months, if you do not take into account three weeks of fabric purchases in China and two in Turkey.

– Do you yourself wear clothes from your collections?

Of course! I like to wear my own products, I’m sure of their quality and I know that in any situation I will look appropriate.

– Do not plan to expand the horizons: to create a line of accessories, men’s or children’s rulers?

Of course. Already almost ready for a new shoe collection. It remains to finish the line of accessories – and in the spring they will go on sale. I also plan to develop a collection of home textiles that will look expensive and stylish, but be sold at an affordable price.